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Doc1 Solutions will approach your document coding projects from the perspective of the user.

  • How will you be using this data?
  • What type of searching will you need to do?
  • How can we accommodate the changes that will inevitably take place during litigation?
  • What are your coding requirements during electronic discovery?

We understand your legal needs as a firm, an attorney, a client, or a corporation. Our project managers have been where you are. They have been paralegals and practice/ litigation support professionals working in law firms, and have consulted and managed cases. Doc1 Solutions understands the type of performance that you will demand from your data. Our project managers will work with you to understand the dynamics of your case and data to ensure that we build a customized database that will meet your needs.

Doc1 Solutions ensures your data is secure, and delivered on time. Accurate data doesn't do you much good if it is not on time. Doc1 Solutions has one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry, as well as, one of the highest levels of accuracy. Our rates are extremely competitive and hard to beat because our project managers work to customize each case.

We are experienced in all of the most common litigation support systems, including Concordance, Ringtail, Summation, Introspect, DBTextWorks, and many others! We can build your data right. We can provide your data via load files, preloaded databases, etc., and we can deliver it to you however you need - CD, DVD,, on hard drive or downloaded from an FTP site.

Document Coding: Two Types of Coding

Document coding is one of the best examples of the old axiom "garbage in, garbage out". If it is not done correctly, it's not worth much. Correct document coding is vital to a case. Doc1 Solutions ensures that when you choose us as a vendor our project managers understand your needs and will take care of you from beginning to end.

There are two types of document coding- objective (often called bibliographic or "bib" coding) and subjective. Objective document coding involves the recording of objective information about the documents in your population. These fields generally include: Date, Author, Recipient, CC and BCC's, Subject or Re line, Titles, Document Types, and Document Characteristics. Subjective document coding involves judgment calls by a reviewer such as: issue codes, responsiveness, confidentiality designations, hot docs, etc.

Doc1 Solutions is a legal service provider! Not just in Electronic Discovery! Not just in Paper Copies! Not just is Document Scanning and Coding! We can do it all and want to be your litigation partners.