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Application Services
EDD: Overview

We believe a major obstacle facing professional service organizations is their reliance on multiple software applications that fail, both individually and as a whole, to provide a comprehensive solution to address an organization's overall business objectives. Doc1 Solutions is the only consulting firm in the country with an R&D division dedicated to the development of a single application that will provide that total business solution for the management of information and related business systems. We are committed to helping clients streamline their overall business processes, often through the reduction of the number of total applications they use. As a result of our efforts, we often are able to drastically increase productivity and efficiency with minimal cost to our clients.

Doc1 creates solutions that allow clients to improve their internal functionality and management as well as developing systems that allow them to work efficiently and collaboratively with their client base. With the ever-changing technology landscape, we realize it is not always possible for internal management groups to understand how existing technology may be able to streamline a business process. Our senior-level consultants work closely with executive leadership and internal management to provide in-depth needs assessments of existing technology infrastructure.

Some of the most cost-effective solutions can be made by better maximizing existing technology or through minor product changes. Our non-biased approach toward the array of existing software applications means our clients can rely on an honest assessment of their current applications. And, if we can't make the existing technology work to solve your specific needs, we will work with our R&D division to develop a custom solution for you.

EDD: Review, Filtering, Processing

With our software development expertise, Doc1 Solutions can build scalable applications to suite almost any need. From business analysis and design to system integration and implementation, Doc1 Solutions help you develop solutions that best fit your needs.

Doc1 Solutions handles every customer engagement from application envisioning, through development, to going live and on-going support. Successful implementations are assured when there is joint effort between Doc1 Solutions and you. Doc1 Solutions ensures that key system requirements are properly determined with in order to deliver a successful outcome.

You need a provider with the experience necessary to capitalize on the power of computer technology. Doc1 Solutions understands the complexities of how technology affects your business and our staff and resources allow you to make technical decisions with confidence.

Doc1 Solutions' consultants are experts in many different technologies including:

Servers and Operating systems
Microsoft Windows 2000 and 2003 Server Families
Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and SQL Server 2005
Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server

Development Languages and Tools
Microsoft.Net Framework Versions 1.0 and 2.0
using both C# and VB.NET.
ASP.Net for both UI (web sites) and WebServices
Transactional SQL

EDD: Review, Filtering, Processing

Doc1 Solutions is the leader in addressing the management, implementation and business implications of the next generation of collaborative intranet, portal development and technology. We develop practical systems that take into account the long-term needs of content management, return on investment, and the business of content collaboration. A core component of our strategy is to move in-house professionals and managers to the next level by helping organizations to develop best practices and collaborative content strategies, to integrate intranet and portal technologies into existing business processes, and to apply tried-and-true tips and techniques from top working industry experts.

Our portal development team has extensive experience in developing solutions to simplify the daily routines of an organization. We offer simple integration of core applications into a user-friendly web environment. Our portal solutions enable the creation of virtual teams around clients and matters, allowing internal teams to better collaborate and share knowledge, not only with each other but with their clients as well.

EDD: Wrapup

Extranets are one of the most, if not the most, successful tools available to organizations looking to improve client service and remain competitive in today's global market. Extranets address three of the most important demands facing professional service organizations today. They improve collaboration and communication between parties. They assist companies and firms looking to move toward a more paperless environment. And, they are extraordinarily cost effective.

Extranets provide a common platform from which multiple parties can work together and are a framework for electronic communication that works.

Law firms increasingly employ Extranets as a way to manage complex, multi- party and multi-jurisdictional litigation (see Litigation Support Services). An Extranet provides a project team a forum to post information as soon as it becomes available. Drafting a document becomes much more efficient. Once a draft is prepared, it can be posted on the site for others to view and comment.

Extranets significantly reduce, and in some cases eliminate, the need to copy, fax or overnight documents and wait for them to be returned. Research material can be posted for review by an entire team. This information feed can also keep clients updated on relevant issues.

The use of Extranets as a means to manage litigation has prompted many companies to look at ways they can employ this technology in the corporate environment. In addition to providing a way for in-house counsel to manage litigation, Extranets can also be used as a resources to coordinate business transactions, knowledge management initiatives, and even as a way to manage service providers.