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Doc1 Solutions is a full service litigation consulting firm. We service our global clients by specializing in Electronic Discovery, Computer Forensics, Data Recovery Expert Witness, Witness Preparation, Document Scanning, Document Coding, Digital Reprographics, and Project & Document Management. Based in Denver, Colorado, we are an International provider of legal services. Doc1 Solutions excels at meeting your unique case requirements while working within your budget and timeframe requirements. At Doc1 Solutions, our objective is to create and maintain a working partnership with our clients from copying and scanning to expert witness testimony. These partnerships will offer you the highest quality legal service in all of your data needs.

Electronic Discovery

Electronic evidence provides new challenges to legal service providers and those involved in litigation. The potentially large volume of available information creates a concern for corporations and their outside counsel. Doc1 Solutions will help you to organize your data for criminal or civil disputes. Our expert services in data recovery experts in finding and preserving your data (hard drives, backup tapes, servers, and E-mails), developing customized cost plans, and presenting evidence to the courts in fashion that is logistically feasible and admissible.

Computer Forensics

Today, the challenge faced by the litigation world is how to deal with electronic data. The exponential growth in the use of computers has caused a wealth of information to reside on electronic devices. Doc1 Solutions' Computer Forensic division has a wide array of experience with legal cases involving employee misconduct, computer data recovery, electronic discovery (e discovery), E-mail recovery, electronic evidence preservation, and other criminal and civil matters. All of our Computer Forensic methods are performed using court accepted, forensically sound methods. We offer litigation services including the independent review of electronic evidence and expert witness services on Computer Forensic issues.

Data Recovery

We specialize in recovering deleted data from electronic devices including: laptops, desktops, cell phones, PDAs, and other electronic devices. Doc1 Solutions utilizes methods to ensure success with recovering your photos, E-mails, documents, and other data that resides in your computer.

Legal Document Scanning and Coding

The majority of documents involved in litigation is now stored in electronic format. Doc1 Solutions is experienced in all standard support litigation systems including: Summation, Concordance, Introspect, Ringtail, DBTextWorks, and more. We can deliver your data to meet your customized needs by presenting the documents in TIFF and PDF format with customized Bates Labeling. Doc1 Solutions can present the digital versions of your documents on CD, DVD, external hard drive, or via data transfer through our secure FTP site.

Digital Reprographics

Doc1 Solutions offers an 8-Step Quality Control Assurance on all of your copying and digital imaging needs. We specialize in custom printing requests and are equipped to handle your unique printing requirements. We are happy to offer consultations with regards to your custom requirements to ensure that your product is produced to your specifications.

Project and Document Management

Doc1 Solutions' project managers have several decades experience working in the legal industry managing very dynamic projects. Our experience allows us to meet your demanding project requirements through a collaborative approach resulting in a successful outcome for your clients.